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Ventfort Hall
Lenox, MA
Historial Case


002_2019_05_31 Ventfort Hall 4 - 2nd flo
00:00 / 00:03

The group was in Mrs. Morgan's bedroom doing an EVP.  In a moment of silence, in between questions, you can hear footsteps on the wood floor.  No one on the team heard these footsteps when they happened.

002_2019_05_31 Ventfort Hall 1 -1st floo
00:00 / 00:09

You will hear a high-pitched "mewing" sound followed by our friend, Joy, asking "is there an animal in here?" and Liette (who was on Spirit Box) reply, "I think".  Joy was using her SLS device and was seeing a small figure low to the ground, such as an animal when she asked this question.
No one present heard the mewing at the time of the recording.

002_2019_05_31 Ventfort Hall 2 - 1st flo
00:00 / 00:04

Our guest investigator Jeff asked if there were "three female spirits" and you can hear spirit reply, "Yes, yes, I said yes".  No one present heard this response at the time.

002_2019_05_31 Ventfort Hall 3 - 1st flo
00:00 / 00:04

The docent with us at this investigation was talking about the tea service that was to be set-up the following morning for visitors when Liette (on Spirit Box) replied "tea" and there is a creaking in the background that no one heard at the time.

002_2019_05_31 Ventfort Hall 2 - 1st flo
00:00 / 00:07

Carrie asks, "are there nine males, or men here?  Spirits?" when there is a reply of "yes".  This reply was not heard at the time by anyone present.


The team was taking a break when two orbs come from the top left corner of the screen and merge into one, in between the investigators, before swirling a couple of times and dipping out of site.  Look for the orbs appearing at 21:34:11

The objects you see flying around in this clip are NOT orbs.  These are dust particles; note how they are all  moving in the same direction due to the air current in that room.
This was a session we did using a Maglite.  Note the Maglite turning on to indicate a "yes" answer, while sitting on the grand piano at the back of the room.  This happens at 20:12:48

Again, most of the "activity" in this room is just dust particles.  Note them moving in the same direction, due to the air current in the room.  
There is one orb that is of interest.  It can be seen at the left side of the screen and is much brighter than the others and appears to pulse or flash as it makes its way across the staircase landing and back again.  This happens from 20:20:27-20:20:31

The team is performing a question/ answer session using the Maglite, placed on the dining room table.  the Maglite turns on to indicate a "yes" answer at 21:49:36

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