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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for an investigation, consultation or speaking engagement?

Spirit Sisters does not charge any fees for investigations or speaking engagements.

What type of paranormal activity do you investigate?


By definition, the word “paranormal” means “not scientifically explainable” or “outside of normal”, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation and often includes hauntings, Bigfoot sightings, UFO activity and several other things.  Spirit Sisters has experience in the field of spirit activity and hauntings so this is the area that we investigate

Do you travel outside of Western Massachusetts for investigations or speaking engagements?


Spirit Sisters love a good road trip, so yes we will travel outside of Western Mass, within reason, for an investigation or speaking engagement


Do you provide evidence to clients?

Absolutely!  Clients will receive a copy of any potential evidence that is obtained during an investigation of their home/property.  Potential evidence will include a report of the investigation and may additionally include any photos, videos or audio files obtained during the investigation


What type of equipment do you use on an investigation?

The short answer is, it depends on the investigation type and location.  Spirit Sisters has a small arsenal of equipment and will use a variety of equipment based on what is happening at any given moment in an investigation.  We are also always looking to add new equipment that we become aware of through ongoing training and networking.  Some of the more exciting items you may see us use include: video cameras, digital audio recorders, digital thermometers, digital cameras, EMF meters (of several types), Spirit Box, SLS camera.  Although those items are more “exciting” the most basic ones are also the most important and those are your own intuition and a flashlight.  We take safety very seriously and always make it a priority


Can clients participate in an investigation?

Yes, we encourage this!  We love when our clients participate in the investigation of their home or property. This not only shows the client how we work, but also allows us to use them as a great resource for any mysterious sights and sounds we may encounter during an investigation.  For example, a sudden noise that may leave us scratching our heads can often be cleared up quickly by the client informing us that it was actually nothing more than the icemaker


How long does an investigation last?

The typical investigation is done over 2 nights, scheduled at least 4 weeks apart, to allow time for the spirit energy to recharge as well as for Spirit Sisters to review evidence from the first investigation.  We typically take an hour to set up our equipment and brief the client on the plan for the evening and the actual investigation runs for 4 – 4 ½ hours.  Some investigations only require 1 night and others require 3 or 4.  It really depends on what the client is looking to get out of the investigation as well as what type and how much activity is found


Do you summon spirits?

Spirit Sisters does not perform any type of summoning of spirits through séance, Ouija boards or any other medium.  We only investigate locations that have existing reports of spirit activity


Will you still come to investigate even if I don’t want you to make my ghost go away?

Clients have various reasons for wanting Spirit Sisters to investigate their home or property. The goal of Spirit Sisters is to bring comfort, validation and assistance to both the living and deceased. We work with the client to determine what they are looking for and have a plan in place before we begin investigating. As we investigate, we keep an open line of communication with our client to change the plan as needed to suit both the client and the spirit's needs.

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