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Stoneham, MA
Residential Case


Upstairs Bedroom
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The team and homeowners were all together in an upstairs bedroom when a team member saw a shadow in the hallways and then we all heard a door creak from the hallway.
Listen for it at 00:01 when we say "I'm waving".


While the team was taking a break, an orb decided to check out a team member before heading back into the kitchen.

Notice how it moves down and hovers before heading back upward and around the corner.


These pre-investigation photos show an orb traveling through the living room toward the dining room.

Photo - Fireplace 1 - Orb near floor - 2

Photo 1 of 3

Orb is captured on floor near lower left of fireplace

Photo - Fireplace 2 - Orb in door moldin

Photo 2 of 3

Seconds later the orb is seen in the doorway between the living and dining rooms

Photo - Fireplace 3 - Orb over head of t

Photo 3 of 3

Seconds later, our team member walks into the living room and the orb is seen above him, to the right of his head

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