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Many people ask us what the best equipment to use on a paranormal investigation is.  There are a lot of great pieces of equipment out there to use, but it can quickly become expensive. 
If you are just starting out or on a budget, we recommend starting off with a flashlight (for safety) and your own senses, or gut instinct.  If you really want to purchase something to get started a simple EMF meter or audio recorder are great choices, when used correctly.
Below are piece of equipment that Spirit Sisters have gathered over our years of investigating.


Flashlight - in our opinion, this is an absolutely necessary piece of equipment in order to be safe.
Because we investigate in the dark, it is important that we can see when we are moving between rooms and spaces.  nothing cuts a good night of investigating short like tripping over something that you didn't see.

5 senses.webp

Your Own Senses - paying attention to your senses can lead you in the right direction, or away from the wrong direction, during an investigation.

audio recorder.jpg

Digital Audio Recorder - a sound recording device commonly used to record speech for playback.
Used on investigations for recording question and answer sessions with spirits in hopes of capturing an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).

video cameras.jpg

CCTV (Closed Caption) Video Cameras with Infrared Lamps - used to capture video recordings of a specific area.  The infrared lamps allow for night vision or ability to see in the dark.
Used on investigations to capture any movement, shapes, shadows, mists, figures or orbs not explained by persons or activities in the room.

motion sensor.jpg

Motion Sensor - a motion detector, used with the video cameras to detect nearby motion.  When motion is detected, the light on the motion sensor is activated and remains on for several seconds before fading.
Placed in direct line of vision of a video camera to capture possible movement in the space when no living human, or animal, is present.

EMF meters.jpg

EMF Meters - these meters are designed to detect electromagnetic fields emitted by electrically charged objects.  They can be used to test appliances around the home, check EMF emitted from power lines or other troubleshooting applications.
EMF meters are used during paranormal investigations to look for spikes in an EMF signal, which would suggest a change in electrical current and possibly the presence of a spirit energy, who may be able to manipulate this type of energy.  Different meters detect different ranges of EMF, which is why multiple EMF meters are often used at the same time on an investigation.


K2 Meter - this is a favorite of investigators, probably because of it's ease-of -use.  Spikes in EMF are easily indicated by the multi-colored lights at the top of the meter.

MEL meter.jpg

MEL Meter - this meter measures both EMF and temperature changes in the environment. 
This meter was developed by a father, and electrical engineer, who was looking for a way to communicate with his daughter, Melissa who passed away in 2004 as a result of a car accident.


infrared Thermometer - used to measure surface temperatures quickly and accurately without touching an object.
During investigations cold spots may be felt, which occur when there is a lack of thermal energy.  Theories suggest this could be spirit energy absorbing thermal energy in order to communicate or exist in the space.

still camera.jpg

Still Camera - used to capture visual images in the form of a photograph.
Used during investigations to potentially capture orbs, mists, shadows or other anomalies in the environment.


FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed - technology used to detect small differences in heat and display them as shades of grey or with different color palettes. 


Parascope - this meter picks up TriboElectric fields, electrical charges generated by friction (static electricity), and follows them visually on the LED tower of lights. 

SLS camera.png
SLS image.webp

SLS (Structured Light Sensor) Camera - developed by using an Xbox Kinect, Kinect software and Microsoft tablet to show images via 3-D mapping.
This camera detects human shapes in full darkness or full light.  It also appears to pick up on human shapes not seen by the naked eye, leading us to believe it "sees" spirits.
This piece of equipment works due to its software that can recognize humans by distinguishing body parts, joints and movements.

spirit box 1.jpg
spirit box 2.jpeg
estes method.jpg

Spirit Box - this is a radio frequency sweep scanner specifically designed for paranormal research. 
As the Spirit Box sweeps radio frequencies, white noise is created, which may provide spirits with the energy they need to be heard.  When this occurs, voices or sounds may be heard through the static on the device.
This device is often used with noise-cancelling headphones and a blindfold as part of the "Estes Method" (see Processes page for more information on this).

Dowsing Rods.jpg

Dowsing Rods - a pair of L-shaped rods originally designed and used to detect underground water sources, buried metals or ores, gemstones and oil.
In paranormal investigation, this tool is thought to work with the Earth's vibrations to communicate with spirit.
Typically, if the rods cross this is a "yes" answer and if they move apart this is a "no" answer.

light grid.jpg
light grid image.jpg

Laser Grid Pen - this device emits a grid of colored dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation.

radios two way.jpg

Two-way Radios - used for team members to communicate with one another when in different areas of a location.

prayer circle.jpg
rosary beads.jpg
protective bracelet.jpg

Personal Protection - investigating paranormal activity can be rewarding, when you are able to help a client and/or spirit find peace and comfort.  That said, you often do not know what you are going in to, or will be up against, when you begin an investigation.  This is why various types and layers of protection are important.
Spirit Sisters use a variety of protections to help ensure our safety, and that of our clients, while investigating.
Some of these types of protections include prayer, religious items, crystals and smudging (see Processes page for more information).

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