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From beginning to end, our investigations are full of a variety of processes.  Some are used for safety, some for communication, and some to help our clients (including any spirits we are working with).  Some processes are used at every investigation while others are only used when needed, or appropriate.  Below are the processes that Spirit Sisters use.  They appear roughly in the order they would occur during an investigation


Walk-Through - walking through a location, prior to the investigation, allows the team to understand the layout of the environment, identify any potential safety hazards and help to determine where various equipment, such as cameras, can be set-up.
It is also during the walk-through that Amanda and Kyra will focus on the environment and any spirit energy present.  This is often the first time they are getting any information about the location, as Carrie and Liette do not share this with them prior to investigating, in order not to influence what information they may pick up on.

Set-up - this is when we begin setting up any stationary equipment that will be used during the investigation.  This includes setting up our Communications Center, stationary IR cameras, motion sensors and running camera cables to the Communications Center.
At this point we make sure all cell phones are either powered off or put on Airplane Mode so that they do not interfere with our EMF readings during the investigation. 

Protection/Prayer Circle - the team gathers in a circle with the client, holds hands/links elbows, prays and then allows for a moment of silence/reflection.  This allows everyone participating in the investigation time to gather their thoughts and visualize or communicate their beliefs to provide a layer of protection, while investigating.

Base Readings - each time the team enters a new room/space during the investigation, base readings are taken.  These readings often include ambient temperature of the room and any EMF spikes present.  If an EMF spike occurs, the team tries to determine if it is man-made or paranormal.  Many times appliances, light fixtures and electrical outlets, that are not properly insulated, can emit high EMF readings. 
High EMF readings can result in humans feeling physically ill or anxious.  Any high EMF readings related to man-made items are immediately reported to the client so they can get these issues corrected and protect themselves.


EVP Session - when the team decides they would like to attempt to communicate with and possibly receive an audio reply from spirit, we begin an EVP session.  This involves everyone in the space to find a place to sit or stand quietly, and still, for at least 5 minutes.
We begin our audio recorder and start a conversation with spirit, that includes asking questions.  Questions can be specific or general; it all depends on the case and what we are trying to accomplish.
It is extremely important when asking questions during an EVP session, to allow at least 10-20 seconds in between each question, to allow time for spirit to answer.

Maglite Session - using a Maglite to communicate with spirit is one of our favorite processes.  This is done by taking a standard Maglite flashlight (we find the mini-Maglites work best) and turning the end just so the light shuts off.  The end should be loose enough for spirit to manipulate, but not so loose that a simple vibration would cause the light to turn on.  It does take some trial and error, but be patient and take your time during this set-up.
The team and client then stand or sit in one place and begin a conversation, of "yes/no" questions with spirit.  Typically after a question is asked, if the light turns on this indicates a "yes".  If the light remains off, this indicates the answer is "no".
When holding a Maglite session it is important to use the Maglite, only for this purpose, and not as an actual flashlight during the investigation.  This is to avoid the Maglite from being too warm and causing the contacts to expand/contract and cause the light to go on/off on its own.

Estes Method/Spirit Box Session - this involves one person using a Spirit Box while wearing noise-cancelling headphones and a blindfold, or closing your eyes.  This allows the person to focus on what they are hearing through the Spirit Box and not hear what the rest of the team is saying.
The rest of the team asks questions of spirit in hopes they will be able to communicate answers through the Spirit Box and be relayed through the person listening.


Releasing Ceremony - this process is used to help ghosts that have been unable to move on to the afterlife, but would like to do so.  A variety of tools may be used including a prayer circle, white candle, sage or incense, but the most important thing is the intent of those helping the ghost to move on and the visualization of a white light for them to move toward.

Smudging Ceremony - this is a traditional ceremony done to purify or cleanse a person or space of negative energy.
There are four elements involved in a smudging ceremony:
    1.  Container - traditionally a shell, representing water (1st element)
    2. Sacred Plants - cedar, sage or sweet grass, representing gifts from mother earth (2nd element)
    3. Fire - produced from lighting the sacred plants, representing fire (3rd element)
    4. Smoke - produced from the fire, representing air (4th element)
The plants used are placed in the container and ignited; using a wooden match is preferable to limit the chemicals involved in the process.  The flames are gently blown out and the smoke is then wafted over the person or space either by hand or with an eagle feather.

If a person is being smudged, they will pull the smoke to them and gently inhales the smoke.
If a space is being smudged, all windows should be opened and the smoke should be wafted in all areas of the space including in corners, closets and behind objects while moving toward the exit of the home.
While smudging, good intentions or a prayer should be repeated to allow negative energy to separate from the person or space and move away, while allowing the good energy to remain.
The ashes from a smudging ceremony are traditionally returned to mother earth by disposing them outside on bare soil.  It is believes that negative thoughts and energy are absorbed by the ashes.

Evidence Review/Client Reveal - at the completion of an investigation, the team reviews all audio/video footage and photos recorded during the investigation.  This takes hours, but is necessary in order to ensure we are reviewing any potential communication or anomalies that occurred. 
Any evidence that is found is saved and put on a flash-drive for the client.
Once all investigations at a location are completed, the team meets with the client to review evidence found and to give the client a copy of audio/video evidence on a flash-drive as well as a written report that outlines the investigation.

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