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Storrowton Village Museum
Gilbert Farmstead
West Springfield, MA
Historical Case


As with most audio clips, spirit EVPs are barely more than a whisper and are best heard while using headphone/earbuds (noise cancelling are the best to use).  We selected the audio clips below so that those who do not have headphones/earbuds should still be able to at least hear that there is "something" there, although it may not be as clear as it would be with headphones/earbuds.

We connected immediately with the spirits at this location and had some great communications.  As a result, we were able to obtain not only the largest number of EVPs we have ever had at one location, but also some of the highest quality EVPs we have heard in all the years of our investigating experience.

Setup 1 Recorder 2- Im torn about this one - Child Laughing
00:00 / 00:10

This EVP is BY FAR the team's all-time favorite.  We had not yet started fact, we were completing our walk-through and reviewing our camera locations.  It appears that we had someone on the walk-through with us that night but didn't know it until we were reviewing our evidence.
You will hear us walking on the old wooden floors, at 00:04 Liette says, "I'm torn about this one".  At 00:07 and then again at 00:09 you will hear a child laugh.
We believe this is the spirit of little Clarence Gilbert who died 3 weeks before his 3rd birthday of pneumonia.


We captured the largest number of EVPs in the Formal Parlor.  This is a room where company of the family would be entertained, so it makes sense to us that they seemed comfortable and willing to talk so much with us in this space.  
The next 8 EVPs were captured in the Formal Parlor over two investigations.
The first 3 are from our first investigation, while the last 5 are from our second investigation.
It is important to note that there was live music being played across the courtyard during the second night of our investigation, so this can be heard in some of the audio clips but was ruled out by the team as playing a role in any of our findings.

Sitting Room 4- Did I see that or not it can be confusing - mmhmm hum
00:00 / 00:07

Liette is speaking with our client about questioning things one might see or hear during an investigation.  She says, "did I see that, did I not see that.  It can be very confusing", when at 00:05 there is a faint female sounding "mhmm" that everyone in the room heard with our ears as it happened.

Sitting Room 8- Did you live during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 - I died
00:00 / 00:06

One of the staff from Storrowton asks if the spirit we are speaking with lived through the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.  At 00:05 there is a response from what sounds like a male.  We believe he says the word "died".

Sitting Room 9- Did you find the ghost tours gauch - No
00:00 / 00:09

The staff from Storrowton were talking with one spirit to see what they thought about the Ghost Tour program.  The staff person asks, "did you find our ghost tours gauche?"  If you listen closely, you can hear a female voice at 00:09 reply, "love it".

Formal Parlor 2 #1 - Is it okay for Liette to sit over there - Liette's name whispered bef
00:00 / 00:10

The team was beginning to set-up in the parlor for our EVP session.  Staff from Storrowtown were speaking to spirit about programs that go on at the village.  Right as 00:06 turns to 00:07 you will hear a faint whisper that we believe says, "Liette".
Carrie then asks if Liette will be able to sit in a specific chair in the room when she enters, as she was in a different part of the house completing set-up.
This one may be harder to hear.  If you have headphones, crank up the volume to hear if you are having trouble.

Formal Parlor 4 Recorder 2 - Think youve figured out how to talk to Liette - hum and a 2nd
00:00 / 00:08

Liette was on Spirit Box and spirit was beginning to seemingly answer questions using this method.
Carrie says, "I think you figured out how to communicate with Liette, so please feel free to continue to do that".  
You will then hear 2 separate "hmms" that appear to be in response to this statement.  The first one is at 00:05 and the second one is at 00:07.

Formal Parlor 4 Recorder 2 - It's okay if you makde the vibration - Unrecognized tapping f
00:00 / 00:10

Members of the group had just felt a vibration on the floor, under our feet.  Carrie was attempting to determine if spirit had caused the vibration.  While Carrie is speaking to spirit, to you can hear tapping noises (that came from the kitchen) at 00:05 followed by Storrowton staff questioning if anyone hear the noises.

Formal Parlor 5 Recorder 2 - Unknown thump is heard on stairs
00:00 / 00:12

The group was pausing between questions when a thump is heard, coming from the area of the front stairway at 00:03.  The group immediately responds and questions what caused the noise.  Everyone was seated in the Formal Parlor during this time.

Formal Living Room 1 #5 - What is your favorite season - Knock after summer in addition to
00:00 / 00:19

Carrie asks spirit what their favorite season is.  She says she will list them and asks them to turn on the Maglite that is set up, when she reaches their favorite.  right after Carrie says, "summer" you will hear a knocking noise, at 00:16, that was not heard at the time.  The Maglite also turned on at this time.

Guest Bedroom 3 Recorder 1 - Will you roll it back to Liette - voice
00:00 / 00:03

On the night of our first investigation, the team was in the guest bedroom on the second floor.  Kyra and Liette were on the floor rolling a ball back and forth to one another, asking who we believe was the little boy named, Clarence (from the 1st EVP on this page), to play ball.
Kyra asks Clarence to roll the ball back to Liette.  Liette laughs and says, "its rolling".  At 00:02 you then hear a voice say, "then it won't bounce".  this voice was not heard at the time of the investigation.

Master Bedroom 12 Recorder 2 - I say that like its easy to do - It IS complicated
00:00 / 00:06

During our first investigation, we were in the master bedroom.  We had a Parascope set up on the floor in this room and another set up in the small room connected to it.
Liette was asking spirit to manipulate the Parascope to make it turn on.  Liette says, "I say that like it's easy to do".  The group laughs.
Then at 00:04 there is a reply in a female voice that softly says, "It is complicated."

Master Bedroom 2 Recorder 2 - Is this a different spirit - vocal followed by Oh Please Don
00:00 / 00:06

During our second investigation we were again in the master bedroom.  We were trying to determine who we were speaking with and how they were related to the home and/or Gilbert family.
Liette asks, "is it a different spirit?"  The Maglite turned on at this time to which, Liette replies, "Ok".  There is also a female voice (not heard at the time) that we believe says, "oh please, don't want any" which is heard at 00:05.
We believe that we, as a team, have made some sense of this response but have chosen not go into further detail here, out of respect to the spirit we were speaking with and any surviving family members.

The final 3 EVPs from this location are from our first investigation and were recorded in the space on the 2nd floor known as the "work room".  While it is not known what this space was used for by the family, we imagine it could have been a bedroom, storage area or a workspace for sewing or other projects.

Workroom 1 Recorder 2- It may have startled you at first - Its fine female voice
00:00 / 00:04

Carrie is explaining how certain piece of equipment work, to spirit.  She says, "it may have startled you at first, but its ok".  Someone from the team chuckles and then at 00:04 there is a quiet reply in a female voice that says, "it's fine".

Workroom 1- Were you aware we were coming tonight - mutiple rapid fire taps
00:00 / 00:04

Liette asks spirit, "were you aware that we were coming tonight too?"  She is answered by a series of rapid taps (at 00:03) that were not heard at the time of the recording.

Workroom 3 Recorder 2- Are you from the Boston area or eastern Mass - I was not
00:00 / 00:13

The group was trying to determine where the spirit we were speaking with was originally from.  A staff person from Storrowton asks, "are you from the Boston area?  Or from Eastern Mass?"
There is a reply at 00:12 that sounds as if it a female voice.  The team cannot seem to agree what the response is exactly, 
Here are our varying opinions:
"West Brookfield"
"Try Western"
"Try Worcester" (for those of you not from Massachusetts, this is pronounced "Whuster" 

Let us know what you think!


The best video piece we captured were during our first investigation.  We have included 4 selections here that show a variety of activity that occurred during our investigations at this location.

This first video was taken in the kitchen of the home.
You will see 2 separate orbs in this video.

The first orb appears on the floor, in front of the cabinet, to the left of the beam, at 19:16:49.  it moves slightly forward and disappears at 19:16:59.

The second orb appears in the mid-lower portion of the screen at 19:16:56.  It moves diagonally up toward the left side of the beam, to the left lower portion of the cabinet before dipping back downward and then swooping up to the left part of the screen before disappearing out of frame.

This video was taken in the 2nd floor Guest Bedroom.  We believe we were talking with Clarence, the little boy who died in the home in 1891, just shy of 3 years old.  

We were explaining how we were going to play a game of chase or tag, using the Parascopes, that he could run back and forth between.  As soon as we set the two Parascopes on the floor, the one toward the left side of the room immediately lit up.

You will see it begin with one light and eventually light up completely, before the lights begin to turn off.

The Parascope device works with static electricity.  It is thought that spirit is able to manipulate the device by moving closer or farther away from it.

This video is taken just minutes after the one above.  Kyra and Liette are on the floor getting ready to play ball with who we believe was the little boy, Clarence.

Liette moved toward one of the Parascopes and quickly discovered that when she would approach it, it would light up and when she would back away, it would turn off.  Almost as if someone was playing a game with her.  We dubbed this game "Parascope Tag" :-)

During a question/answer session in the 2nd floor workroom, our Maglite was extremely active.  Turning on as "yes" responses and staying off to indicate "no" responses.

This is just one of those many times the Maglite turned on at 00:07 for a "yes" answer and then turned off at 00:11 upon investigator request, in preparation for another question.


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