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Disembodied Voice - a voice or noise that does not have an explainable source

Electric-Magnetic Field (EMF) - invisible areas of energy associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made energy.  types include:
 Alternating Current (AC) - current keeps switching directions periodically (forward and backward). Used to power homes.
 Direct Current (DC) - current flows in a single direction steadily.  Used to supply power for electrical devices and charge batteries.
  Triboelectric - a type of contact electrification on which certain material become electrically charged after they are separated from a material they were in contact with.   Static cling in clothes is an example of the triboelectric effect

Elemental - supernatural nature spirits.  The types of elementals correspond with the four elemental of earth; earth, water, air and fire.  Elemental spirits include fairies, trolls and banshees

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) - noises of a paranormal nature that cannot be heard with the human ear, but are recorded by electronic devices

Full Bodied Apparition - the supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost

Ghost - refers to the soul of a deceased human or animal that continues to exist in some form on an earthly plane without fully passing into the afterlife, or "crossing over"

Infrared (IR) - Also called "night vision", these systems use short wavelength infrared light to illuminate an area of interest.  This technology is used in thermal imaging systems, which use mid or long-length energy to interpret or generate an image

Intelligent Haunting - activity or interaction that occurs with a ghost or spirit who is aware of, and interacts with, its environment

Matrixing - correctly known as "Pareidolia".  Occurs when the brain tries to force us to make sense of something we are seeing or hearing.  An example of this is seeing the face of a dog in the clouds

Orb - defined as a "spherical body; a globe".  Balls of light that can be seen/captured in photography, videography and rarely seen by the naked eye.
these are very controversial in the paranormal field as many of these end of being dust/dirt particles or insects.  There are occasionally some that cannot be explained and contain certain characteristics such as "intelligent" flight patterns and have the appearance of a nucleus

Paranormal - this term was first used in the early 1900s and means "outside of normal" or anything outside of a scientific explanation

Residual Haunting - activity that is repetitive and results from an energy imprint, on the environment, of a person or event in time

Shadow Person - paranormal figure that is described as completely black and is often seen out the corner of one's eye and moves quickly

Spirit - refers to the soul of a deceased human or animal that has crossed over into the afterlife, but is able to exist in a spiritual plane

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