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Chicopee, MA
Residential Case


Audio - Basement Back Corner - 2020.06
00:00 / 00:05

The team was doing an EVP session in the basement area when we all heard an audible sound that was not familiar to the homeowner.  Listen for the sound at 00:02

Audio - Basement Exercise Room 1 - 2020
00:00 / 00:05

The team was in the exercise area of the basement when one of the residents ask if the spirit would like him to leave the room.  None of us heard a response at the time of the EVP session, but there is a whispered reply at 00:04


This footage is during set-up at our 1st investigation at this location.  Notice the chain on the light/fan that starts to move by itself at 19:13:02.  Despite us moving around the table prior to this there was no movement and this was not noticed by the team at the time it occurred

This was captured during the pre-investigation walk-through at our 1st investigation at this location.  Amanda is talking with the homeowner about her experiences in this room when an orb appears to come out of the shelf next to the closet at 19:25:08, hovers above the homeowner's head and circles before disappearing

This clip was captured at our 2nd investigation at this location.  The camera is in the kitchen; the doorway to the basement is to the left of the back wall.

At this exact time the team was with the homeowners in the basement area performing a releasing ceremony.  Based on evidence obtained the night of the 1st investigation, we felt strongly that there was a spirit, of a previous homeowner, that had become unable to leave this location.

Note the orb coming out of the basement doorway and move across the kitchen at 19:51:59

The homeowners continue to report that activity from this spirit ceased after this releasing ceremony.

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