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Meet The Team

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pronounced (LEE-ette)

Co-founder & Director

Liette started professionally investigating the paranormal in 2014 following a lifetime of first-hand "déjà vu" moments. She takes a kind-hearted and sympathetic approach to investigations to ensure the comfort and support of those experiencing paranormal activity.

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Co-founder & Director

Carrie became interested in the paranormal as a child, after having several experiences that couldn't be explained. She has been professionally investigating reports of paranormal activity at residential, commercial and historical properties since 2013. Carrie brings a respectful, empathetic approach to investigating with the goal of helping clients and spirits to feel as comfortable and supported as possible, in the situations they are experiencing.



Co-founder & Spirit Medium

Amanda has been communicating with spirits since a very young age. She has been combining her unique ability along with the investigation of reported paranormal activity since 2013. Amanda's goal is to bring a sense of understanding to those who are experiencing paranormal activity, and peace to those who have passed.



(pronounced KEE-rah)

Investigator & Spirit Medium

Kyra experienced paranormal activity starting as a child, but did not develop her ability to communicate with those who have passed until she was a teenager. Kyra joined spirit sisters to offer a bridge of communication between the worlds of those who have departed and those who are living. She does this by delivering information that she sees, hears, feels and senses from the spirit world. 

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